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Après avoir réalisé 3 ou 4 court métrages ,dont " Juste un jour de soleil" est celui qui est le plus profond et abouti,et écrit 2 long-métrages, je voudrais passer sérieusement à la réalisation de long-métrages, de clip vidéos

Hi , i m Dzoan nguyen tran, I m a filmmaker ,and this a sample of my work,

the one that im very proud of is " A brighter bay " , an hymn to light, the one of humanhood.
"3 Windows" is the work done with the same low cost equipment as anybody , it was the challenge of how to make a good short with common means and "songs from the deeps" is poetry.

I have 2 feature project looking for invertors , one is " his last journey" it s a beautilf journey of a son and his father ,
back to their homeland, but where is you homeland when you don t really have one ?

the other one is about the story of the last french restaurant , trying to survive ,in Paris china town .
Atérix et les chinois !!!

wish to you all to find yourself , to love yourself and the world around ...

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