une voiture passe

a car passes in the street a birfucation amméne to a road which of its name pènètrante améne has another to lead to another at the end of this other a round furnished well very not filled of pretty flower flower; fleurtè was its idea then it settled a max of delicacy to create a suprise. it thought of a idèe of building a country cottage but for that was necessary well fleurté; flower flower flower and wind mixed in its idèe more aspect to comfort; it was well assembled its than irritated rather more, on this road which it brought to this lane quite enlightened there or it did not want to go. flower flower, a car passes flower, flower, flower, flower, a car passes it then taken its combinet composed a number well tied up and there it have a pretty way which said to him that the number was not déstinè flower, flower, flower, a car passes throughout its way, it had not realized hour that it was it was going to arrive with still a regret in this lane lit well or women of bottom and cut off well rolled. flower, flower, flower, flower, a car passes. when to far, fires came to shine of a color which was not to him acoutumè, flower, flower. flower, flower a car passes. a car has just passed to the red take we it as a filature.flor flower.
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