Te Kovi Lewu - NEW ZEALAND

This song is from Jamoa Jam's new Reprise album.
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jam, zelande, pacific, samoa, zealand, polynesia
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Rosa-Li  — Il y a 5 ans

And here... my musical partners in crime lol. Thanks very much my dear friends for your comments. Yep, this isn't bad, it's good for housework haha.

LagonBleu  — Il y a 5 ans

Hello my dearest , yes i like it ..papa he mama he...thanks ...

MaineTonga  — Il y a 5 ans

Hey Heeey Pukapuka! Danger Islanda aaaallll the waaaay! hahahaha OMG! I was just jammin this song with the gals in my dorm! love it love it! THanks sis for posting this up!

Rico67  — Il y a 5 ans

Hi Rosa Li do you know that Samoa Jam is mixed from Pukapuka , Tu told me last time !!!
They are from the island of Pukapuka in the Cook Islands but they are connect with samoan people for longtime !!!
Rico ;o)