Heavenly Peace

Another Hymn performed by the Queen Salote Girls College, image is of the high school students during Tongas annual torch lighting ceremony during the annual Heilala Festival in July.
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Yohanan986  — Il y a 6 ans

YNAR,Kote Hiva Fakalotu 'àènà!!!Mole kohe hiva kite aga'i fenua !!! Pule'aga Hau 'o SELO !!! Taupau Tàtou Tui mo Falala Kiè EIKI SESU !!! 'Ofa àtu !!!
GOD Bless '...!!!

YNAR  — Il y a 6 ans

E tonu ke tou taupau tuu mau tata tou agai fenua . Pea mo pule aga Hau tuumau o hage ko tatatou u kui.
Kotea tau manatu TIA?

Rosa-Li  — Il y a 6 ans

Beautiful once again, thank you so much for this one. Queen Salote herself has a beautiful singing voice, a sincere and lovely voice. And she deserves all the tribute from this college.