DAR NAJAT Marrakech is a paradise in an otherwise hectic city. The staff is incredibly friendly and will assist you with everything you need to get around. We instantly fell in love with Soukina, who seems to run the show. Her kindness is just the beginning of what you can expect of the rest of the staff. The rooms are comfortable and elegantly decorated with that Moroccan charm. The food she prepares is authentic and absolutely delicious. I am a foodie so I know good food and themeals we had at the riad were REALLY GOOD!!! I asked for the recipe for a dish and the staff happily gave me step by step instructions. This is something that never happens as most cooks never want their recipes to leave their kitchens. Dar Najat is also one of the few places a tourist can find a cocktail on a Friday. This is going to be important to any non-Muslim travelers who are use to a little wine with dinner. We loved our stay here so much that, when we returned to the city, we came right back to this riad. By far our greatest accommodations out of the 6 cities we traveled to in Morocco
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