1515-1530 (1530- 1600 MISSING)

File 028, 440606, 1515-1530 EWT PLEASE NOTE THAT “FILE 028b” (1530-1600 EWT) IS MISSING - Very short musical interlude (classical music). - News bulletin from London, citing Vichy radio. - News bulletin from the Japanese front. - Eye witness account by John McKenna, describing his experiences while being in a ´glider´ airplane. - News report about the areas invaded by the Allies. - Eye witness account by Howard Marshall, who was on the beaches with the boys. His account has a lot of blanks, caused by the censor. - News bulletins from several sources. PLEASE NOTE THAT “FILE 028b” (1530-1600 EWT) IS MISSING CBD-440606_NBC1515-1530 www.archive.org/details/NBCCompleteBroadcastDDay

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