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With her song We Are One, Rym brings a new flavour to pop music. Mixing traditional instruments with a modern rhythmic and electro sounds, Rym’s first single represents her desire to see peace and unity across all continents. "Like many people of my generation, I feel like I am a citizen of the world, part of a global cutlure" she explains. "I wanted to express that feeling on this song, so I worked with an african bassist, I used brazilian percussions, even some japanese flutes".

Written and composed by Rym herself, We Are One annouces an album she would describe as ethno pop. "I had a tradtionnal musical training, I sang classical music and jazz, but I always wanted to do pop" Rym says.

Rym embraced music at a very early age. "Even before she could speak,she was already singing" her mother recalls. “Instead of playing with her dolls, she would perform in front of the family or record new songs on her tape recorder”. Rym was three years old the first time she performed on a stage in her hometown. Later on, she would study

classical music, jazz, traditionnal spanish, arabic and indian music before finding her own musical style. “Music is everything to me. I could not live without music. It is my way out to solitude and sadness”.

Currently hard at work on her upcoming album that will contain both calm and very exciting tracks, Rym will mix instruments, sounds and percussions from all over the world with original modern beats and unusual electro arrangements, just as she did so successfully on “We Are One” which is only one example of her unique style.

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