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My name is Giannina Lezcano.

I was born in Encarnación but I’m currently living in Asuncion, Paraguay where I manage the family business. I started making my own clothing at a very young age.
When I was in school, my friends always asked me to make changes to their outfits without spending a lot, yet still different & fashionable. I always loved to do it.

In 2008, my friends told me about so many people making instructional videos on YouTube and all around the net. They know how I much I love to make my own clothing so I made a video of me making a dress out of an old T-shirt. I couldn’t believe the amount of views and responses.

I love life and I think we can help the earth by recycling so may things and reusing items for a whole new purpose. I love to play with my Mac so I decided to make a webpage with all DIY videos to show my work.

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